English Dance Classes

In our dance classes we teach traditional as well as modern Irish dance, styles that are known from various shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the dance. Because of its complicated footwork, its fast rhythms and its elegant jumps, Irish dancing is a fun and challenging activity.

The way of teaching is very individual so also English speaking students can join the Irish dance classes. Both teachers speak very good English. This teaching method also enables every dancer to progress at his or her own speed which makes the classes suitable for dancers at almost any age or level. The dance school is a member of the international organisation CRN. Because of this the classes prepare dancers for international competitions on regional, national and international scale. 

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Wednesday evening

19:00-20:30: children
20:30-22:00: adults

De acteerstudio
Studio 1
Deventersestraat 21, Scheveningen